European theatre of World War II

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 Soviet Union
(from 1941)
 United States
(from 1941)
 United Kingdom

France France (1939–40)
Free France Free France
France France (from 1944)
Poland Poland

Brazil Brazil

Former Axis powers or co-belligerents
 Italy (from 1943)
 Romania (from 1944)
Bulgaria (from 1944)
 Finland (from 1944)
Kingdom of Hungary (1920–46) Hungary (from 1945)

Supported by
Portugal Portugal (from 1943)

 Nazi Germany
 Italy (until 1943)
 Romania (1940-1944)
 Hungary (until 1945)
 Bulgaria (until 1944)

Axis puppet states
 Italian Social Republic (from 1943)
Kingdom of Hungary (1920–46) Hungary (from 1944)
Hellenic State
(from 1941)
 Croatia (from 1941)
Serbia (from 1941)
Albanian Kingdom (1928–39) Albania (from 1943)

 Finland (1941-44)

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