List of county days in the United Kingdom

County days in the United Kingdom are relatively recent observances, formed to celebrate the cultural heritage of a particular British county. County days may be selected to coincide with the observance of a Saint's Day that has local significance.

Proposals exist for various days in Somerset.

A proposal also exists to make the 29th of July Buckinghamshire Day. The date was chosen as a truly Global event can be traced back to this date, the founding of the Paralympic Games which goes from strength to strength and started in Stoke Maderville in Buckinghamshire. Although in 2015 as the 29th of July falls in midweek, events are taking place on the 18th and 26 July across the county.

The Memorial Mob a Bucks-based group who create Memorials to Lost & Forgotten events of the Armed & Emergency Services, felt it was appropriate to honour Buckinghamshire.

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