List of football clubs in England by competitive honours won

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This page lists English association football clubs whose men's sides have won competitive honours run by official governing bodies. Friendly honours and matches organized between clubs are not included. The football associations FIFA and UEFA run international and European competitions; and The Football Association, and its mostly self-governing subsidiary bodies the English Football League and Premier League, runs national competitions. County Football Associations organise regional competitions, but all full list of their honours is not provided in this article.

The European governing body UEFA was founded in 1954, and created their first competition, the European Cup, the next year. It was expanded and renamed in 1992 as the UEFA Champions League. Liverpool hold the English record, with five wins. Parallel to UEFA, various officials created the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1955, but this competition was disbanded when UEFA created the replacement tournament the UEFA Cup in 1971, renamed the UEFA Europa League in 2009. The UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, featuring the winners of national knockout competitions, was created in 1960 and discontinued in 1999. The winners of this competition played the European Cup's winners in the UEFA Super Cup, starting in 1972, which now features the winners of the Champions and Europa Leagues. The UEFA Intertoto Cup, started in 1961, was the third-tier counterpart of the European and UEFA Cups, but was discontinued in 2008, with the Europa League expanded to accommodate Intertoto clubs. UEFA and CONMEBOL also created an intercontinental competition in 1960 with the Intercontinental Cup, featuring representatives from both associations. In 2000, the international governing body FIFA created the FIFA Club World Cup and in 2004 the Intercontinental Cup was merged with it. Manchester United are the only English club to win either intercontinental competition, winning each once.

England's first competition organised by a national body, the FA Cup, began in the 1871–72 season, making it one of the oldest football competitions in the world. Arsenal hold the record number of wins, 13. League football began in the next decade with the founding of The Football League in 1888–89. The name First Division was adopted in 1892, when The Football League gained a second division. The First Division remained the highest division of the English football league system until 1992, when the Premier League was founded. Manchester United have won the most top division titles, with 20. The English equivalent of the super cup began in 1898 with the inauguration of the Sheriff of London Charity Shield, pitting the best professional and amateur sides of the year against each other. The trophy would develop into the FA Charity Shield in 1908, which was later renamed the FA Community Shield in 2002. The Football League created its own knockout competition in 1960, the League Cup. The Anglo-Italian League Cup was created in 1969 to match English cup winners against the winners of the Coppa Italia, and was permanently disbanded in 1976. In 1985, the Full Members Cup and Football League Super Cup were created as substitutes for UEFA competitions after UEFA responded to the Heysel Stadium disaster by banning English clubs. They finished in 1986 and 1992 respectively. The Football League Centenary Trophy marked The Football League's 100th birthday, in the 1988–89 season.

Lower down in the hierarchy of English football are many other competitions, not included in the tables on this page. These include competitions run by the above national governing bodies, but organised for clubs ineligible for higher competitions. For example, the Texaco Cup, EFL Trophy, and Anglo-Italian Cups. Regional competitions are organised by County Football Associations. In the modern day, county cups generally involve lower or regional division clubs, or reserve sides, although most clubs founded in the early years of English football used to play in county competitions.

Numbers in bold are record totals for that category. Clubs in italics are Double winners: they have won two or more of the trophies listed as tournaments. Trophies that were shared between two clubs are counted as honours for both teams. Clubs tied in total honours are listed chronologically by most recent honour won. See the other tables for breakdowns of each competition won.

Super cups here consist of the honours that normally had only two participating clubs per season. These are the Intercontinental Cup and UEFA Super Cup, among UEFA competitions; and the FA Community Shield, Sheriff of London Charity Shield, and Anglo-Italian League Cup among FA competitions. The Football League Super Cup is not listed under super cups, because it had six participants and multiple rounds.

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