Manx people

 Isle of Man
 England (especially Liverpool, Manchester, and London)
 United States (especially Cleveland)
 New Zealand
 Canada 6,125 (including those of mixed ancestry)

Scots, Irish, Gaels, Faroese, Norwegians, English, Welsh

The Manx (Manx: ny Manninee) are people originating in the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea in northern Europe.

According to the 2011 interim census, the Isle of Man is home to 84,655 people, of whom 26,218 reside in the island's capital Douglas. The largest proportion of the population was born on the island, but major settlement by English people and others has significantly altered the demographics. According to the 2011 census, 47.6% were born in the Isle of Man, and 37.2% were born in England, with smaller numbers born elsewhere: 3.4% in Scotland, 2.1% in Northern Ireland, 2.1% in the Republic of Ireland, 1.2% in Wales and 0.3% born in the Channel Islands, with 6.1% of the population having been born elsewhere in the world.

Manx people living in the UK were commonly grouped by the 2001 census under "White British". The extremely high ratio of "come-overs" to "natives" has brought with it changes in terms of culture, identity and speech. Manx people have also made a significant contribution elsewhere through migration. The Manx have a long tradition of moving to Liverpool for work, hence a lot of Liverpool people have Manx ancestry, among them Paul McCartney of The Beatles. A lot of Manx people emigrated to the United States, notably to Cuyahoga County and Lake County, Ohio.

Manx people have traditionally had three vernaculars:

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