Mediterranean and Middle East theatre of World War II

United Kingdom Archibald Wavell
United Kingdom Claude Auchinleck
United Kingdom Harold Alexander
United States Dwight D. Eisenhower
United States Mark Wayne Clark
Soviet Union Fyodor Tolbukhin
Soviet Union Vladimir Zhdanov
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito
Kingdom of Greece Alexander Papagos
Free France Jean de Lattre de Tassigny

Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler
Nazi Germany Albert Kesselring
Nazi Germany Erwin Rommel
Nazi Germany Wilhelm List
Nazi Germany Maximilian von Weichs
Nazi Germany Alexander Löhr
Nazi Germany Werner Junck
Kingdom of ItalyItalian Social Republic Benito Mussolini
Kingdom of Italy Rodolfo Graziani
Kingdom of Italy Pietro Badoglio
Kingdom of Italy Ugo Cavallero  
Vichy France François Darlan
Vichy France Henri Dentz
Iraq Rashid Ali

Rezā Pahlavi

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Mediterranean and Middle East

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The Mediterranean and Middle East Theatre was a major theatre of operations during the Second World War. The vast size of the Mediterranean and Middle East theatre saw interconnected naval, land, and air campaigns fought for control of the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, the Middle East and Southern Europe. The fighting in this theatre lasted from 10 June 1940, when Italy entered the war on the side of Nazi Germany, until 2 May 1945 when all Axis forces in Italy surrendered. However, fighting would continue in Greece – where British troops had been dispatched to aid the Greek government – during the early stages of the Greek Civil War.

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