Operation Danny

Operation Danny (Hebrew: מבצע דני‬, Mivtza Dani) was an Israeli military offensive launched at the end of the first truce of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. The objectives were to capture territory east of Tel Aviv and then to push inland and relieve the Jewish population and forces in Jerusalem. The main forces fighting against the IDF were the Arab Legion and Palestinian irregulars

It took place on July 9–19, 1948, being launched at the end of the first truce. On 10 July, Glubb Pasha ordered the defending Arab Legion troops to "make arrangements...for a phony war".

The operation commander was Yigal Allon and his deputy was Yitzhak Rabin. The total force numbered around 6,000 soldiers.

Yitzhak Sadeh (left) and Yigal Allon (1948)

8th Armoured Brigade capture Lydda Airport (1948)

Yiftach Brigade before the attack on Lydda and Ramle, 1948

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