Repentance (Christianity)

Repentance is a stage in Christian salvation where the believer turns away from sin. As a distinct stage in the ordo salutis its position is disputed, with some theological traditions arguing it occurs prior to faith and the Reformed theological tradition arguing it occurs after faith. In Roman Catholic theology repentance is part of the larger theological concept of penance. Generally in the Old Testament the term repentance comes from the Hebrew word group that means "turn away from".:1007 Sometimes this word group is employed to request a turning from sinful activity (Jeremiah 8:6). In the New Testament the μετανοέω/metanoeo word group can mean remorse but is generally translated as a turning away from sin (Matthew 3:2).:1007 Theologically 'repentance', the turning away from sin is linked to a corresponding turn to faith in God.:1008

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